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¬†"Fashionable, casual clothes as well as professional office attire that can accommodate an expanding belly without upsizing the entire garment.‚ÄĚ TWINS Magazine
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“I wish someone would have told me that all the cute
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You may have searched for twins maternity pants, twins maternity shirts or triplets maternity clothing and found that most maternity clothing manufacturers do not make clothing specifically designed for mothers of multiples.

For Multiples Maternity was launched by a mother of twins (actually, two sets of twins), who grew frustrated while she was pregnant with twins with the maternity clothes on the market. As a working mother who had to dress professionally and fashionably for work, she found very few maternity clothes that could accommodate her during the later stages of her twin pregnancy.

For Multiples Maternity’s goal is to provide mothers of multiples maternity clothes that provide the style, stretch and size needed in the belly area without upsizing the entire garment.

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