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Size Chart
Most maternity clothing is designed for the early stage of your pregnancy (weeks 11-20). Most maternity manufacturers recommend you size up for the later stage of your pregnancy (weeks 21-40). This still leaves you with a garment that is too large in some places and fits in others.

For the mother of multiples, this does not work. In the later stage of your pregnancy, you may have to size up 2 to 3 times to get the fit you need in the belly. While it may fit in the belly, you are swimming in the rest of the garment.

For Multiples Maternity clothes are designed specifically for the mother of multiples. We design them to accommodate your expanding belly without upsizing the entire garment.

We think you will find the fit is just what the mother of multiples needs.

Each person is different in how they carry the baby weight. If you find you are “all belly” and all the expansion is in the belly, we recommend you order your pre-pregnancy size.

If you find you are carrying more weight throughout your body, we recommend you size up for the best fit.

Below is our sizing chart for our garments:


Sizing Chart
size Bust Belly
Small (4-6) 36-37" 42-48"
Medium (8-10) 38-39" 44-50"
Large (12-14) 40-41" 46-52"
XL (16-18) 42-43" 48-54"